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Man Shot in the Leg in Salinas

By April Valencia - email

SALINAS, Calif. -- Police are searching for the suspect who shot at a 26-year old man as he was leaving his residence on Tahoe Drive.

Investigators say the victim heard two shots in the early morning hours on Tuesday, then ran back to into his home. That's when the victim realized he was hit in the leg by one of the rounds. Police say the victim's injury did not appear life-threatening, and he was taken to a local hospital for treatment. Investigators say a suspect wearing a black ski mask and dark clothing was seen running Northbound on Tahoe Drive. The shooting is being investigated as gang-related.

Why Was There No Amber Alert Issued For Missing Hollister Teen Margarita Chaparro?

Why Was There No Amber Alert Issued For Missing Hollister Teen Margarita Chaparro?

HOLLISTER, Calif- Police are looking for a missing 14-year-old girl, who was last seen taking out the trash at her home Thursday morning. Despite the fact that Police are looking for Margarita Chaparro, many people are wanting to know why no Amber Alert was issued.

In order to issue an Amber Alert, the case must meet several requirements. According to Hollister Police Chief David Westrick, this case does not meet those requirements so they can't issue an Amber Alert. As of now, police are still not able to confirm that Margarita was taken against her will, so they can not issue the Amber Alert.


Mayor's Wife Releases Two Books

Lisa Eisemann's latest book, Roll Call - The Mayors of Salinas, will be released Thursday at the Steinbeck Library 6-7 p.m.  She will be giving a short presentation with stories of various mayors, city council members and the funny and tragic events that took place during their terms.

Two Salinas Men Convicted of Hate Crime in Castroville

Two Salinas Men Convicted of Hate Crime in Castroville

By Sarah Kennedy - email

CASTROVILLE, Calif.--Two Salinas residents were convicted on Friday of a hate crime motivated by the victim's sexual orientation.

According to the District Attorney, both 38-year-old Manuel Rivera and 45-year-old Ricardo Torres back in May of 2012 were in a gay and lesbian nightclub in Castroville. This is where the two men physically assaulted 33-year-old Aurelio Alvarado while yelling out homosexual slurs.

Following the altercation, the two stayed outside the night club and jumped Alvarado a second time, but this time they punched him about ten times in the head and slammed him into the concrete.

Central Coast Bandit Linked to 6th Bank Robbery

Central Coast Bandit Linked to 6th Bank Robbery

PISMO BEACH, Calif. - The FBI says the Central Coast Bandit is responsible for a bank robbery in Pismo Beach, Wednesday afternoon.

Pismo Beach Police responded to the incident at Pacific Western Bank on Oak Park Boulevard around 2:30 p.m.  It marks the 6th case now linked to the serial robber, who first turned up on New Years Eve in Pacific Grove. 

Wednesday's robbery was the fourth in our area.  The others were in Paso Robles, Nipomo, and Atascadero. In each case, the bandit has been seen wearing a hat and glasses. 

During today's robbery, the suspect advised the teller that she needed to cash a check, then proceeded to pass a note demanding cash.  The Central Coast Bandit has also been linked to an incident in which a female was described by witnesses as having "cased" a bank.  

Seven Victims In Salinas Taco Shop Shooting, Two Pronounced Dead

SALINAS, Calif - Seven people were shot early Monday morning on Williams Road, two of those people have died from their injuries, said police. 

When police arrived on scene at the Taco's Choice restaurant around 1:30 a.m. they found a 22-year-old victim who had already been shot to death. Another 28-year-old victim was found with multiple gunshot injuries who later died at the hospital, said police.

Another victim remains in the hospital in critical condition and is fighting life-threatening injuries.  Police say a 53-year-old woman was also shot multiple times, and she is recovering from her injuries in the hospital. Two other people where each shot one time, their injuries are non-life threatening.

Pizza Throw Down By Salinas Watch Group

It's going to be a neighborhood pizza throw down by the the Los Olivos - Riker Neighborhood Association (LORNA) all in the name of fighting crime. The group announced their third annual "Neighborhood Pizza Throw Down." The event is planned for Sunday, July 28th, 2013 from 4:30PM to 8PM at the home of City Councilman Steve McShane in South Salinas.


The event will feature a wood fired pizza oven operated by a trained chef. Guests are welcome to bring ingredients that will amount to some awesome pizza. Award winning pizzas will be based on a vote of the people along with a small panel of trained judges. Anyone wishing to join should contact Steve at steve@mcshanesnursery.com or (831) 970-4141.